Book Meetings with Prospects
via LinkedIn
We handle everything from sending infrastructure setup
to making your Calendly full
We book calls, you close clients
What's included:
  • 1
    Setting up infrastructure
    • Configuring automated campaigns
    • Setting up a virtual server and proxies
    • Integrating CRM
    • All tool costs (sending tool, proxy, server, lead scrapers, automations) are included
  • 2
    Collecting Leads
    • Matching your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and hypothesis in test
    • 800 leads per LinkedIn profile per month
  • 3
    Crafting Scripts
    • Creating opening messages and follow-ups
    • 1st message + 3-4 follow-ups
    • 2 A/B test variants included
  • 4
    Communicating with leads and setting appointments
    Assisting in scheduling appointments with potential leads and managing CRM
  • 5
    Iterating and A/B testing

    Each week we analyze the campaign performance and iterate if needed

Client wins

Type: B2B2C/ParentTech/SaaS/Marketplace/Social Impact
Product: Class management software for after-school and summer providers
Channels: LinkedIn, Cold Emails
Reach: US, UK, Canada, Australia

  • Raised $80,000+ equity crowdfunding round.
  • 1600% GMV growth over 6 months with Techstars Boston acceptance
  • Strategic partners acquired including Lego League and Brite

Type: B2B/Web3/Asset Tokenization/DAO
Product: Asset Tokenization Platform as a Service
Channels: LinkedIn
Reach: Global

  • 50% connect rate
  • 40% reply rate
  • 31% replied to calls booked (100+ over 3 months)

Type: Enterprise HealthTech/B2C2B
Product: Skill Assessment Contests for Doctors (B2C) and Pharmaceuticals (B2B).
Channels: LinkedIn, Cold Emails
Reach: Global

  • 18,000+ investors reached with 63% open rate
  • 36% LinkedIn reply rate
  • 40+ calls with investors booked
  • 200+ pitchdeck requests

Type: B2B Enterprise/AI&ML
Product: Dataset Labeling Service for AI Models
Channels: LinkedIn
Reach: Global

  • Pilot with Tech Mahindra, an Indian IT company with 158,000 employees in 90 countries.
  • Engaged with Heads of AI from Microsoft, Nvidia, Siemens, PayPal, Shell, Nokia, Nornickel.
  • 37% connect rate
  • 44% reply rate
Other experience includes
  • AI Voice Assistance for Call Centers
  • Financial SaaS Platform
  • IT Recruitment Agency
  • Web3 Payment Solutions
  • Full-Cycle Video Production Studio
  • RPA Agency
  • No Code Development Agency
  • iPad Tutoring App
  • Real Estate Construction
  • Expert Media Network in South-East Asia
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